Gun Cabinets

    Gun Cabinets

Designed to look like a chest of drawers, these clever Gun Cabinets would fool any burglar. Made from solid oak with solid brass handles and hinges, this cabinet would be a grand addition to any room.

With a seven gun, 2mm police approved gun safe, it also acts as a safe and a secure place to store guns.

If required, designs and sizes can be tailored to suit your needs.

(Right) – Solid mahogany grandfather clock with Danish oil finish.

Up to 7 guns can be stored in this police approved safe.

Designed to hide your valuables from prying eyes. A made to measure, solid oak cabinet to fit any vehicle. These can be used to store anything from guns to laptops.

(Above) – Here the drawers have been specially designed to cater for the customers shooting equipment.

(Right) – Medium Oak Cabinet with 3 lockable drawers, fitted with solid brass flush fitting handles.

(Left) – The specification of each cabinet is individual to each customers needs.