How to Order

1. Length – Measure from the outside of one valve to the outside of the other valve. The overall width will increase by approximately 150mm. This is measurement A

2. Height – Measure from the floor to the top of your radiator. The overall height will increase by approximately 75mm. This is measurement B. If you have any obstruction please indicate on the order form.

3. Depth – Measure from the face of the wall to the front end of the radiator. The overall depth of the cabinet will increase by 50mm. This is measurement C

4. Now choose the grill number you require.

5. Where appropriate measure your skirting board height and choose design.

6. If you require your cabinet to be painted or stained, please choose from our selection and specify on the order form.

7. Please refer to the price guide to see how much your cabinet will be. 8. Check to see if you need a Blank End